Shweta Sahay-" Founder n creative head of Artistry n a beauty coach."

I am very lucky to say that I love – love my job, it has taken me on a different level and I have had the chance to work with not only some of the best Photographers n Celebrities but also for ordinary women from all walks of life who have probably never felt that ramp ready n giving them Magic Moments is a priceless feeling.

I love working with all my beautiful brides but unfortunately since demand for my services has massively soared in the last couple of years I can’t make it for every bride’s big day. i m constantly udgrading my team n a new branch will follow soon i promise.

Shweta Sahay

Nitu. "Our makeup n Hair stylist"

Born in a small town of Buxar, Nitu Yadav is the second child of Army officer Rajendra Prasad Singh n Usha Devi. Since her father was from Defence she had the opportunity to see myriad parts of India. Becoming a makeup artist she believes was her destiny. She pursued her studies in physics n later appeared for Airforce exams as her parents expected her to but she always felt she had it in her genes but had more passion for fashion than for anything else on Earth. She has been drawn to beauty and fashion since her childhood n at one point of time decided to take it up as a career. She took a complete course in Cosmetology from VLCC institute n later under Ma'am Shweta Sahay...Neetu had a fire in her belly to acquire more n more knowledge of her subject. Convinced by Neetu's hard work n dedication Ma'am Sahay began her complete training under herself n bringing out the best in her. Soon began taking works n performed exceptionally well in her works which is why she is a favourite amongst A list clients is Artistry by Shweta Sahay and now her parents know that she is..

Anupama" Our Make up Artist"

Anupama traces her interest in makeup from early childhood. When was growing up she watched television, read fashion magazines n was literally obsessed for learning fashion trends, hair or makeup. Nevertheless today she is one of the most in-demand makeup artists at Artistry by Shweta Sahay with a long row of A-list clients. However things were not that easy for Anupama. When she saw vacancy in Lakme Salon, Patliputra she applied for the post of a nail artist so that she can at least make way to enter the brand. Ma'am Sahay, the then owner of Lakme Salon, Patliputra, Patna was on rounds checking the grooming of the salon n staff she noticed Anupama's winged liner n at once could see the inherent talent in her. What followed next was rigorous training under Ma'am Sahay where Anupama was constantly put out of her comfort zone practicing on different makeup theories everyday. Sahay's greatest challenge with Anupama was to make her come out of her fear and so she ensured that She practiced out of her comfort zone every time thus making this training very challenging n extra tuff for her. She still remembers the day she mastered contouring n correcting of 8 different problem noses the very next day ma'am Sahay changed subject to makeup on burnt skin thereby giving no time to Anupama to be in her comfort area. After this when Anupama started working on floor she got the sweet taste of success n appreciation. Struggle to Success Stories can't Get better than this she believes!!! While working with clients Anupama realized women want to look fresh, flawless and beautiful. Her signature style is enhancing natural beauty and correcting the features thereby giving a no makeup look. Today Anupama is totally busy in sharpening her bio of career at Artistry by Shweta Sahay. Anupama loves her children a lot n she believes her children are her greatest strength n source of inspiration for her