Celebrity artist Shweta Sahay from London School of Makeup and Sweety Dubey work in duo n specialise in beautiful bespoke bridal looks for their clients.

After all, who doesn't like to look beautiful?

Shweta Sahay is a Celebrity Makeup Artist trained from London School of Makeup, specializing in beautiful bespoke bridal makeup for clients. She also works in Fashion shoots and TV.
Like all great artists the process and journey of getting and making a place in the makeup industry was not an easy job for her. After completing her schooling from St. Joseph Convent, Patna, she left for Daulat Ram College, Delhi University in 2001 for her graduation. After successfully completing her 2 year Post Graduation from Pearl Academy of Fashion she worked in the apparel industry majorly designing Indian Ethnic Wear.
Her interest in makeup artistry began long before her career in makeup did. Her interest in beauty and passion for makeup started at a very early age. At the age of 1 she was found eating lipstick while trying to apply it and by the age of 13 she already begun to do bridal makeup’s for neighbors, friends, family and relatives (without charging anything of course). By this time everyone in Sahay’s family had begun to realize that she is gifted with this innate ability to correct features, playing aesthetically with the depth and dimensions of any given face.
Being the most average looking girl of all her friends made her a little more self-conscious and insecure about the way she looked. Makeup was something she could do to make herself look prettier. Her makeup style wasn’t about artificial-looking makeup—it was about giving your skin the appearance that it is shining with health and not hiding under makeup and that really started a revolution amongst her circle.
Since in those times she had access to very few products she often mixed two or more shades and created her own colors. Till date she believes that if we have 3 primary colors namely Red, Blue and Yellow plus black and white we can create any desired color and shade we can possibly think off. Sahay’s expertise and excellence in her work is a great example of what happens when Gifted hands are Nurtured with dedication and hard work. Sahay’s passion and natural talent for makeup was discovered professionally during a shoot of her design house when in the absence of a hairstylist in an emergency situation she completed the desired hairdo of the model with exemplary finesse in the wink of an eye. Thereafter she freelanced for photoshoots in Delhi and NCR. When she got married in 2014 she took a franchisee of Lakme` Salon in Patna. It was here when she got to work on real women from all walks of life transforming them into what she calls “Bollywood Brides” while keeping the traditional elements intact. Her obsession to perfection and her attention to the smallest of details and ability to create flawless skin make her a firm favorite with photographers and brides alike.
Soon she became a name in the beauty industry.
Here was one woman listening to all her clients expectations, keeping in mind all the traditional parameters, working out a customized look for them, bringing out thier best features while underplaying the not so good ones. After honing her makeup artistry skills at London School of Makeup she headed for Mumbai and worked for small screen serials. Moving forward, Sahay’s eyes are set on achieving and exceeding her client’s expectations everytime she picks up the brush.

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Wedding Makeup

What is the most important day in your life? It is your wedding day of course. You have to care about all the details of that day to make it perfect and to be one of the unforgettable days and happiest moments in your life. Rely on our Pro Team to customise a look for you that enhances your best features and underplays the not so good ones

Engagement Makeup

Since engagement and wedding are two different events brides should always opt a look that is different from their bridal day getup. So for Engagement i highly recommend a makeup palette that has light English colors and hair that is open n flowy like soft Bohemian curls or a mermaid hairdo. Rely on our Proteam to get you ramp ready